Just another Product Guy

During these 10+ years, I have learned that no matter what role you play in the product – you are jointly responsible for it. My assumption is that „Product Guy” should constantly develop along with the team. A product-conscious team is the basis of a product’s success.

So much about me must be enough for now… My name is Marcin Woźny, but everybody calls me Marcin 🙂

My personal projects:

uxblog.pl – i love ux, and i love to write.

uxdlaszkoly.pl – I`m Academic Teacher, but also trying to provide UX Knowledge to high school.

ruxgame.com – My Indie Game Studio (see blog there 🙂

hackerdungeon.com – I designed Game withy my son (lvl 7)

helpbyplay.com My Saint Graal – Charity project for NGO

greenfieldconference.pl – I am cofounder of IT conference