Prioritize your product. One priority

In this post, I touch on the problem of blurring a product by giving too many priorities at once. The lack of a strategy and a consistently implemented plan ends up with an excessive fragmentation of the product. It is also important how we approach the measures. First things first.

What is priority

The word priority entered English in the 15th century. For several hundred years it functioned in a single form. It meant the first, most important, or previous thing. It wasn’t until the 1900s that we added the plural of this term and started talking about priorities.

At the beginning of this century, the word singular priority is used less and less. After all, it is so important that we want to achieve multi-level success, to do several things at the same time. Both in the personal sphere and with our product. But multi-level success cannot be realized in several directions at once. It is also worth noting that the word success occurs rather in the singular.

Kanban has a limit of „In progress”

I do not know if you remember yet, but in the kanban boards there is such functionality as the limit of „In progress” ticks. Yes – a long time ago it was turned on by default in task management tools. Now it’s optional. Multitasking rules. But are you sure?

There’s a hell of a lot of research into how multitasking kills productivity. It applies to both the work of an individual. But it is also transferred to the image of the product. The product should implement a correctly defined strategy.

One priority is not stagnation

For clarity. The product can be developed in several directions at the same time. Of course, but sooner or later these directions or features will begin to intersect. Then priority should enter on a white horse.

Priority should be engraved in the minds of those responsible for the product. If you’ve read my previous entries, you know that everyone is responsible for the product. So everyone should know what we are doing. Where are we going and when a certain stage of the journey will be completed. Like the three wise men going to Bethlehem. With this lame metaphor, we move on to the next aspect:

North Star Metric – one metric to rule them all.

The product must be measured. From the beginning to the end. How else to define success? There can be several dozen records. But it’s worth finding this one. One to rule them all, One to find them all. There is such a metric. There is also a simple framework as we want to make it. North Star Metric.

I do not want to elaborate on this topic. Smarter than me did it much better, for example here. I mention this metric because this is the fucking compass for your product. Which should always indicate priority. One priority.

Essentialism at the end

Develop a strategy. Set a metric. Set a Priority, one priority, and stick to it. Sure, you can do anything hurrrra, but how long will you ride that cart before you crush yourself. Essentialism isn’t just a brilliant way to arrange your life. It is also a great framework for a product strategy. But more on that later. 🙂