Rusty products in IT

The first implementation is not the main topic of this post. It is also important what happens with the product after the first implementation. Often nothing happens. But it’s impossible to write about development without a few words about first entering the market.

Viable vs Lovable vs Marketable

A minimalist approach to product implementation is nothing new. In recent years, many approaches have been manifested in the IT industry: MVP, MLP, MMP (respectively: Viable, Lovable, Marketable.) A lot has been written about the pros and cons of these solutions. I will not be revealing here if I write that MLP is the best solution. For the client and for the company. It’s better if 10 people love your product than 1000 people like it. Building and implementing such a product is pure pleasure (at least in theory :). If you have real deadlines and latched business requirements, you want to work. I will write about the remaining 95% of the cases elsewhere.

Do not move!

Each of the stakeholders has a vision of the product. The more people, the harder it is to make a decision. Something has to be changed – everyone agrees here. The direction is clear – almost everyone agrees here. Objective? Here, opinions are increasingly divided. Instead of starting to implement something in small steps, we stand still and think about the utopian vision of the product, which most often has not been clarified yet. Fear of implementation and taking responsibility for changes can sometimes paralyze the entire team. At this point, the Product Owner should come in all in white and say

„Let’s check it”

Research, data, customer feedback – these are things that should be constantly monitored. Based on no changes made. Since we have feedback that something is not working, we should fix it. Let’s check solution B, it won’t get any worse. What we want to implement is not perfect and (sic!) We will not find a golden mean by standing still. A / B testing is an ideal solution. In other cases, you just have to implement, observe and react. There is no other way out.

Better to apologize than to ask

Someone has to hit the table and push this monolith forward. Otherwise the product will rust, you will start looking for the blame. It’s hard. You know what needs to be done, just don’t be afraid to communicate it. Market requirements and customer expectations are changing. The product must be developed. Step by step. Better to start a lopsided fight than suddenly try to breakdance and end up in a cast. 🙂