We all do UX… are we?

Almost from the beginning of writing articles on this blog, I try to prove that we are all responsible for the User Experience of our products. No matter what position we work in. He stands by the sentence, however, there is one distortion I would like to write about.

Responsibility is not the same as knowledge

Do you feel responsible? Cool! Do you pay attention to the client’s needs, do you remember his problems? You are my hero. Where is the problem? Often, problems require more analysis, research, and not making decisions on the go. Leave it to the specialists. If you are (dis) comfortable working with a UX Designer, let him do his job.

User Experience is like playing the piano

Everyone knows how to play the basic melody, but that doesn’t mean that they can get a job as a philharmonic pianist. I don’t remember whose comparison it is, but it perfectly captures the essence of the problem it is writing about. What is the base tune? It depends on the position you are working on. For the frontend, these will be the rules of accessibility, building forms, etc. For the Product Owner, it will be an exit to functionality from the customer’s needs, etc. etc.

When to consult a specialist?

The more questions, the less doubts. Lack of communication is a downside to IT projects. Inform as soon as possible what you do and how you want to approach it. What doubts do you have. Let UX Designer assess whether you have taken the right direction or whether it requires a different approach that you (I hope) will develop together.

UX for four hands

You should remember about the client and his problems. UX Designer should know it inside out. Coming back to the piano metaphor. Learning to play the piano also takes place with four hands at a certain stage. If you have the opportunity to work with a teacher, take advantage of it. You don’t want UX Designer to mess with your code or mess with your sprint. It is clear. UX Designer does the same.

Let us not go to extremes

UX ignorance is a big problem in IT. This has been changing recently. However, let’s not go to extremes. We can’t all shape our clients’ experiences, because that’s not the point. Where is the golden mean? Somewhere between „Where to add this button?” a „I added a new functionality because I like it”. The more you talk to the UX Designer, the sooner you will find the golden mean and everyone will be able to work in their area. With respect for the work of their colleagues.