4 years without MVP

This post will be a bit different from the others. There will be a lot about UX and product manufacturing, but that’s not the point of this post. More settlement and sharing of experiences of how I have fucked up spectacularly several times. But to the shore. The record below is more emotional than chronological.


We all know that a good product should solve user problems. I found three groups of users that solve each other’s problems. But what’s the matter? You are playing online. The advertiser pays for charity. User helps by playing. Non-governmental organization (NGO) gains a new fundraising channel. The advertiser gets a channel to reach the user who wants to view the ads. Everyone gains. Win – Win – Win.


The idea was born on the microblog of the excavation somewhere between the first and second grain scandal. Offline I supported several non-governmental organizations as a volunteer. On the other hand, while working with clients, I knew what the problem was with reaching the recipient with the advertisement (ad blocks, etc.). During the excavation I found out that „there are more people of good will” they only need a tool.

First steps – first mistakes

I shared my idea on a microblog. The #GCH topic was also warmly received outside the excavation. I knew I was going in the right direction. Many people declared their willingness to cooperate. And here I made my first mistake. I was unable to translate these declarations into real help. Some people became discouraged, some were unable to give me specific help, and some of the enthusiasm subsided. At the next stages of the project, other people expressed their willingness to support, but I was totally unable to translate it into an effect. On the other hand, a few people saw it as an opportunity to earn money – fortunately, I cut myself off relatively quickly. I signed the project with my name. I knew he had to stay clean and clear from start to finish.

Tip of the iceberg

It’s a long way from idea to implementation. But here, for the first time, I found out that you need to start talking to programmers as soon as possible. At first glance, it was just embedding the game under an advertising banner. And only until. Protection against bots, monetization, captche, varnishe etc. I totally ignored it. I focused on UX and interfaces, forgetting about the real approach to implementation.

Competitions, grants, sponsors

With the project, I was a finalist of several grant competitions. I have spoken with some potential partners. And nothing. I heard everywhere that I should have long-validated MVP. Everyone mistakenly perceived the project as a mere embedding of the game and the banner. I couldn’t get them out of error.

Mock-ups, tests, prototypes

Work on the functionality of the project – this is probably the only area in which I have nothing to complain about. I rewrote and tested the homepage design from scratch several times. Additionally, consultations, surveys and observations. I will describe this case study another time. I have devoted a lot of attention to this area. unfortunately at the expense of others.

Nothing comes for free

I have stopped counting on grants, on an investor who will fall from the sky. After a few talks with my wife, we decided to finance the first stage of the project out of our own pocket. And then? and then you will see 🙂 This is how #GryCharytniczych is materialized in the version that I can subscribe to after more than 4 years.

What have I learned?

Cut down on functionalities wherever possible, but there comes a point where you can’t take shortcuts to everything. Talk to programmers from the beginning. From the beginning. I know that we are in the 21st century and everything can be done, but you need to be aware of the size of your venture as soon as possible. Choose your team assertively. Better to have 3 people who know what they are doing than 6 „ready to act”.

What’s next?

We validate the MVP. Ultimately, it is to be an open platform for NGOs, Businesses and Game Producers. Mobile applications, browser plug. Miracles wreaths. But it used to be. Or maybe it turns out that I have made a mistake in assumptions? We’ll see. For now, I want to test production my assumption, which was born a few years ago on the portal with funny pictures.