Lego blocks scattered in the sauna

PSD2 is launched on days. Such an EU regulation that will require many changes in the banking and fintech sectors. The main change that customers will notice will be double authentication (2FA). These changes reminded me of one important thing that not everyone in IT is aware of.

Nobody wants to log into your site

Seriously. Logging in is never an end in itself. It’s just an obstacle to achieving your goal. Like any form. The client comes to you to solve his problem. Forms and interfaces only mediate this. They should be as unnoticeable and intuitive as possible.

Problem and solution

The service consists of actions taken to deliver specific benefits or meet needs (behind Wikipedia). Remember that. The service in itself is not and should not be the goal. Your software doesn’t work until it helps you with real problem-solving.

„Kill them all! Kill them all!” God will recognize his own”

Remove all obstacles, all forms, inputs, checkboxes, radios. Now put only those necessary to solve the problem. Put each one down carefully. See it as the Lego pieces that you throw around in the sauna. Every one hurts. Is subscribing to the newsletter in the finalization window really the right place?

The end does not justify the means

The goal is to solve the problem. Make every effort to minimize the costs that the customer must incur. The form, unnecessary functionality, too extensive options – all these blur the path to the goal. The customer is wasting time. He will go to the competition that does not bother him with products. The slogan „Time is money” is no longer metaphorical