UX myths # 2 I know the users

For the second time, I disassemble the UX myth into its first parts. The first was the click limit, and I hope you realize that there is no such thing as „The fewer clicks the better.” I was wondering for a long time what to take on the wallpaper second. The last weeks of cooperation with developers have dispelled my doubts. „I know the users (…) they need it (…) they will use this functionality …. „

No – you are not like your users

You know the product, you know business and developer solutions. Something that is natural for you – not necessarily for your customers. You float through the product interfaces like a lion in the savannah. Another functionality is ok for you. After all, thanks to this, the customer will save a few clicks, or will not have to go to another screen … But, does the user really need it? Are we solving the client’s problem or are we just adding another switch that no one will use.

Since you are reading this, I assume that you have been in the IT industry for a long time. You can install printer drivers or reinstall windows. You are the priest of the technology hearth and your mother asks you to configure a new phone. Congratulations! You are among the 15% of computer users who simply understand interfaces.

Solve customer problems, not yours

I wrote about it, among others describing the flow of UX Designer work, but it is worth recording it. Each functionality should solve the client’s problem. Before you evaluate your solution proposal, think by accident if you are trying to solve a business or development problem at the expense of the user. Does he really need this solution? Will he use it? Does he need it? Will this feature complicate our product? Remember – there is no such thing that the more functionalities the better. On the contrary.

Research and Data – this is a determinant of change

I may surprise you, but UX Designer doesn’t know the user either. Until I get data or research, it’s like humming copper. Yes, we can rely on good practices, benchmarks and competition analysis. But these are only half measures. As a Designer, I think this solution is cool. It corresponds to the needs of the business, but whether it is what our clients need, I will be able to answer only after testing and on the basis of data.

Let us learn from the mistakes of others

Do you remember Google Buzz? Tested by 20,000 google employees. A total flop. These were just not the target users. And no matter how much we want, we don’t know our customers. If you do not understand this argument, consider whether you can bet that your proposal will work? Half your salary? Exactly… One more thing: Your colleague from the desk next door is not a user either. He’s just nice.