Product Leader – WTF?

Product Manager, Product Owner, Head of Product – positions rather known to people working in medium and large organizations. Competences more or less intertwine, everyone plays for one goal, somehow it was possible to live with it … Meanwhile, he appears on the horizon, all in white,

Product Leader

An enigmatic title appears on the Polish market: “Product Leader. How the best managers create excellent products and build effective teams (ebook) ”. The translator’s fault? Too. It seems to me that, however, the publisher knew the target of his publication well. We like it… those leads under the name on LinkedIn, these signatures in email footers, statuses on slacks… title fetishists. We are only missing the Product Coach, but I bet we won’t be waiting long.

Limits of competence

Everything’s fine. The more titles – the more blurred the competency boundary. The product is successful, there are handshakes, flowers, dwarfs dressed as Krakowiak. Everything fits together. But when the product goes down, suddenly the responsibility dissipates. Nobody gets up and says he’s Spartacus. What a pity …

Product Pope?

How many titles around the Product will we not build – there must be one responsible person. A captain who will go down with the ship and will be waving the bucket until the last moments. Someone who is not afraid to make the right decisions at the right time. Of course, I’m not here for some self-proclaimed coup or tyranny. A clear division of competences is fun and necessary… for everyone to live better.

You can also gather all these leaders, coaches, managers, heads in one place and lock them in a room until they choose one decision-making person. Let them announce their choice by exhaling white (ecological) smoke … Habemus Papam!

… and if it turned out that there are several popes, the Pole wins.