Dear Business. Where are you going?

We cannot add more functionalities without looking at the whole thing. More features, new functionalities. Our product meets all business assumptions. Applause, handshakes, flowers from a dwarf dressed in traditional colthes… But something didn’t pop …

We are expanding a speeding train. Applause for us. But sometimes new functionalities just distort our product. Moving on with the train metaphor. It’s great that we have a dining car, but do we need it on the half-hour route?

By adding functionality without analyzing and looking at the whole thing, we can make our train amphibious. Cool, only the users need the train. Even more, users need to get from point A to point B. Our train is not the only connection on the route. Sure, they won’t jump out of the rushing squad, but they certainly won’t tell their friends about it.

Recommendations of friends – include decides about the success of the competition. Users praise the application on social media. It’s time to answer the question whether our train journey is so fun that someone will invite friends. What’s worse – won’t it look for another connection next time.

Each functionality affects the product as a whole
Product development is not only about adding functionality. It is a thoughtful look at the whole. It is also product improvement, listening to users’ needs … Unless we want to have an amphibious vehicle on rails … then it is worth for everyone involved to know about it.

Lest it were – we are not against adding new functionalities. But we do not want to do it in a hurry, first we should check whether a given „Ficzer” is needed by our clients at all. As one smart guy once said: „… we don’t make pots.”

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